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their seats home with them. and at ozzfest, hard rocking brides and grooms can get the unholy matrimony package for just $2,666. get it? the sour economy has brought the concert industry down by about 15% this year, but even during a recession, some people are still willing to pay for star treatment. >> in these economic times, it was a sacrifice. but well worth it. >>> and that is going to do it for "world news" this sunday. i'm dan harris. thank you for watching. diane sawyer is right back here tomorrow night. good night. >> carolyn: dozens of san bruno evac wheeze are going home tonight, three days after the massive fireball killed four of their neighbors. is a they're settling in, the city confirming four people are still missing. the california public utilities commission is ordering pg&e to conduct leak surveys on all of it's lines, and the utility is interesting being asked to explain it's proceed -- procedures. >> alan: carolyn in the days ahead we're going to be hearing a
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1